Is the photographer an artist? Is he like a sculptor or a painter?

      If we read from wikipedia:

      • Painting is a mode of creative expression applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface;
      • Sculpture is the art of giving shape to an object starting from a raw material or assembling different materials together;
      • Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light;

      So, for most people, the photographer is an artist, and like all artists it is important that he do the work and not delegate it to others.

      Mona Lisa would be the Mona Lisa if Leonardo had not done it himself? And David, would it be so if Michelangelo had delegated another person to do it?

      I do not think so, so why accept that they are unknown people to take pictures of your special day?

      I see a lot of people who deal with photography in a corporate way, with little attention to individuality, using numerous collaborators, to perform the largest number of weddings, and as a sole

      purpose to make money.

      No, I do not recognize myself in these gentlemen, and I do not think that is photography.

      I think that this is an industry of photography and not the artist who expresses himself to your wedding, from beginning to end, with the intention of creating something unique and original just for

      you, expressing your passion.

      Today we admire sculptures and paintings by various artists and we say: this is a Botticelli, this is another Modigliani, and we enjoy so much beauty; here, it would be nice to say the same things of

      your wedding photos, these are Valerio Gargiulo and admire them with pleasure.

      I would keep away from all those who do not openly declare to be the authors of the photos of your wedding, because they will surely send the latest arrival, without worrying about the result, in any

      case it will not be the person for whom you have paid.

      I follow your wedding in the first person and do not dismiss other people; certainly I can have collaborators if requested, even Leonardo Da Vinci had; in any case I will always be present for all the

      time booked to get excited with you, to paint unforgettable images with light or to sculpt unique sensations: to express all my art.